Shattering the Status Quo

Shattering the
Status Quo…

To drive your policy changes across the U.S.


Bridge50 has one objective – delivering long-term impactful results by amplifying and optimizing your public policy initiatives across all 50 states.

Through the combination of expertise, strong relationships, strategic partnerships, diligent research, and effective communication, we aim to shape policy that empowers your vision by delivering competitive advantages and growth with lasting results.

Proactive Client-Centric Approach

Personalized strategies to ensure goals, opportunities, and obstacles are thoroughly understood.

Transparent execution and reporting against properly aligned tactics.

Focused on proven results not lip service (and) amending or authoring legislation instead of trying to defeat it only for it to reappear.

Comprehensive 50-State Reach

Strong relationships that align you with vetted experts who understand the political, regulatory, and legislative nuances of each state.

Deliver expertise in diverse jurisdictions with a proven track record supported by examples of successful outcomes.

Provide opportunities to increase impact by positioning you as a multi-state thought leader.

Capability to address interconnected issues seamlessly while understanding how each state fits into the policy model.

Impactful Innovative Technology

Accountability through a transparent platform that tracks, analyzes, and delivers real-time updates with updated and realistic metrics regardless of policy progress.

Unique modeling helps predict policy trends.


We understand, devise, deploy, measure, and report on your organization’s policy efforts, effectiveness, and impact across all 50 states. Our multi-pronged approach ensures the myriad of hierarchies are addressed among policymakers, stakeholders, and influencers at the local, state, and federal levels.

Lobbying: Our extensive network enables tracking and reporting of policy impact.


Our extensive network and knowledge base engages and forms partnerships with stakeholders at the right time, right level, and right location. This enables tracking and reporting of potential impact of policy.
Political Action Committee

Political Action
Committee Management

We manage solicitation campaigns and create a quarterly newsletter to provide opportunities for engagement with donors and candidates, in addition to, planning events to encourage PAC participation and distribute contributions to centers of influence.
Public Relations: Positioning and messaging with regards to public policy


By understanding the intersection of your brand and intricacies of public policy, Bridge50 works with your team to ensure positioning and messaging are managed properly around your specific issues.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social

We understand how being socially accountable can help reinforce your mission and brand with employees and communities while generating political capital. Bridge50 designs, launches, and manages CSR initiatives accompanied by reports to ensure your objectives are realized.
About Us: Decades of results-oriented expertise in shaping policy, leveraging media, corporate management, and commercializing innovations.


Our founders, proven network, and trusted partners represent decades of results-oriented expertise in shaping policy, leveraging media, corporate management, and commercializing innovations.
Dominic Folino, Managing Partner

Dominic is the Managing Partner at Bridge50 and brings decades of experience in politics working at the federal, state, and local levels.

Before founding Bridge50, Dominic founded Spectrum Strategies, which focused on government affairs, business development, strategic planning, and blockchain adoption. He also founded the Pennsylvania Blockchain Coalition (PBC), a nonprofit comprised of blockchain allies working together at the state and federal levels to drive adoption. In addition to the PBC, Dominic is on the steering committee of the U.S. Blockchain Coalition and an advisor to the New Jersey, Connecticut, and Virginia councils.

Prior to PBC, Dominic managed public affairs initiatives consisting of lobbying, community outreach, and a political action committee (PAC) for a financial services firm.

Dominic began his political career working for various campaigns where he served as chief of staff to a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and was selected to Governor Shapiro’s transition team.

Frank Rossi, Partner

Frank is a Partner/Co-Founder at Bridge50 and brings over 30 years of Business Development and Risk Management experience.

Prior to Bridge50 Frank’s career brings a deep understanding of industry leading investing, growing businesses across multiple sectors, and risk management from working with high-net-worth individuals and some of the largest privately and publicly owned businesses.

During that time, Frank was CEO of a $250 million dollar leveraged buyout firm, generated over $2.3 billion in equity value by leading private equity due diligence, analyzed M&A risks, identified opportunities that saved clients millions, and provided insurance protection against incurring liability on hundreds of deals, including complex carve-outs.

Mark Pound, Partner

Mark is a Partner/Co-Founder at Bridge50 and brings over 25 years of Operational Experience in building and scaling companies.

Before founding Bridge50, Mark’s career as a serial entrepreneur spanned across diverse industries ranging from major media to healthcare and finance.

Mark has led multi-million dollar raises, successfully developed and executed models that outmaneuvered competition, established and led strict P&L management that delivered optimal results under budget, was recognized for instituting innovative operational systems that increased effectiveness while maintaining costs, built cultures with a critical eye on attracting and retaining key team members alongside partners and clients, and became known for generating revenue results that exceed the norm across the short to long-term spectrum.

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